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- It is very gratifying that Nordland Visual Theatre (NVT) is transferred to the state budget and the operating subsidy is increased! It confirms that Nordland County probably has Norway's most important production site for puppet and visual theatre.


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This statement is from The County Council Executive for culture, environment and public health in Nordland, Hild-Marit Olsen (Labour), after it was known that NVT was a priority in the draft state budget for 2015.
- I feel the increase in government subsidy of 10% and that the assignment is moved from the Arts Council to the ordinary state budget, as a recognition from the national level to the artistic level and the work done by Nordland Visual Theatre, she continues.

Nordland Visual Theatre has had a strong artistic development in recent years, and the theater is today considered one of the principal co-producers of puppetry in Europe and the theater's international reputation is rising. Over the past 7 years the theater's co-productions have been nominated for and awarded several national and international awards. Nordland Visual Theatre's production is of high quality, says Olsen.

The County Executive has submitted an application and, in collaboration with the Mayor of Vestvågøy Municipality, had contact with the political leadership of the Ministry of Culture in order to transfer the state subsidies for NVT from the Arts Council to the ordinary state budget.
- I am happy that our argumentation was successful, and that NVT also got a well-deserved increase in subsidies of 0.7 million, says Hild-Marit Olsen.

The County Plan of Nordland 2013-2025 emphasizes the need to strengthen the outstanding centers of expertise of Nordland and the region. Nordland Visual Theatre has built up such expertise that has attracted international interest. The County Executive also notes that cooperation concluded between Riksteatret (The Norwegian Touring Theatre) and NVT on the development and renewal of puppetry in Norway.

The County Executive of culture, environment and public health Hild-Marit Olsen hope the signal is now given by the government, is the start of a trend that will put NVT able to get a regional function, and increasingly to undertake regional and national projects in the field of puppetry.
- I believe that Nordland Visual Theatre clearly has potential in this, says Olsen.

Facts: Nordland Visual Theatre is located in Stamsund, has over 20 years been one of several county instruments in theater arts in Nordland. Through co-production with various theater companies from home and abroad, produced performances that live on and toured by the groups themselves. Many of the performances are shown for several years after production, and have toured in Europe and the USA. Nordland Visual Theatre commits their co-producers to perform a certain number of performances in Nordland County.

Through this arrangement the people of Nordland are provided with a broad, diverse and inclusive variety of performing arts. The theater has managed to reach out to the public "with great experiences in small places" using the effective tour performances. At the same time the theater through his business has been a pivotal part in the creation of the internationally acclaimed theater community in Stamsund.

Article by Published by Trond Erlend Willassen. Modified and translated by Geir-Ove Andersen 



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