Hunger godt mottatt i England

TinkerTings Per Arne Løset melder om god mottakelse for Hunger i England. Les Total Theatre Reviews anmeldelse av forestillingen! 


Hunger av Pickled Image/TinkerTing turnerte i England 15-22. september 2010. Forestillingen ble produsert på Figurteatret i Nordland i 2009.

På Total Theatre Reviews , nettstedet til en organisasjon som arbeider for å fremme samtidskunst via faste publikasjoner, lobbyvirksomhet, faglige tiltak og gjennom utdeling av egen pris under Edinburgh Festival Fringe, kan man lese følgende anmeldelse av Hunger:  

Total Theatre Reviews Summer 2010

Tobacco Factory Theatre
15 September 2010

Returning to the Tobacco Factory after receiving a standing ovation at the 2009 Bristol Festival of Puppetry, Hunger is a collaboration between Pickled Image and Norwegian companies TinkerTing and Nordland Visual Theatre. It is based on the novel of the same name by Norwegian Nobel Prize winner Knut Hamsun, which I had not read in advance of seeing the show.

The lead character is a starving writer, an impressively crafted lifesize puppet with gaunt skeletal face, gaping eyesockets and painfully pronounced ribs. Two puppeteers (Per Arne Løset and Gisle Hass) provide an arm each, contribute to different sides of his character, and work together in superb partnership to create a surprisingly expressive whole. Only minutes into the show the face of the puppet draws the audience's full attention, rather than the two subtle faces of the understatedly dressed manipulators.

The nameless character struggles to write, endlessly fiddling with scraps of paper and a pencil as he is gripped by a crippling hunger. A sense of fantasy and confusion is created by the placement of the writer-character as ‘narrator' (though the only spoken words are a sparse mixture of Norwegian and made-up language). When he visits a clerk to sell him some writing, the simple clerk puppet is created by our lead character, and his arms become the clerk's arms. Later, he becomes preoccupied in a flirtation with a lady, represented by a doll-headed mannequin in the corner of his room. When his preoccupation turns sinister, it is impossible to tell the extent to which the narrative is a delusion of the writer's starved mind.

Hunger is a bold and difficult choice for a piece of puppet-theatre, as it addresses themes of the mind, fantasy and delusion, which in live performance would more easily be expressed through spoken word, facial expressions and the eyes. A large amount of audience interpretation is required, which is rather unsettling but empowering too. If you like a tight plot, action, an easy watch, this is not for you. It is a very well-crafted piece of work and a thoughtful study rather than a gripping yarn.

Geraldine Harris


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