WORK SHOP! Q: LAB: Making foam rubber puppets

Geir-Ove Andersen


A workshop designed for professional VISUAL ARTISTS and THEATRE DESIGNERS, and students enrolled on national or international training courses. In Amsterdam 29/10-2/11. 

Dates: Tuesday 29 October to Saturday 2 November 2013 (5 days)

Place: Amsterdam, Adress (TBC)

Language: English

Number of participants: 8-10

Applications: send a CV and motivation letter to   

Deadline: 1 October 2013


The Ulrike Quade Company is an internationally acclaimed company operating under the artistic direction of Ulrike Quade. Their evocative and interdisciplinary performances incorporate lifelike puppets made from a diverse range of materials.

A series of workshops will teach puppet-making skills to candidates with prior experience of working in three-dimensions. Workshop 1: Cutting animals out of foam, 5 day workshop

Learn everything you need to know about making realistic animals out of foam rubber in this year’s intensive five-day training program!


The following topics will be covered:

• How to make animals to scale

• How to make faces and expressive eyes

• How to make working limbs and joints

• How to make the figures performable


Maria Landgraf, who has collaborated on the puppets used in Ulrike Quade’s performances since 2009, will teach the course. She has made puppets for The Writer (2009), Hondenliefde (2011) Radio Exit Live (2011) and Munch and Van Gogh (2013). Maria translates two-dimensional drawings into life-size three-dimensional forms.


‘Forget the unchanging faces of conventional puppets: Maria Landgraf and Ulrike Quade have managed to imbue their puppets with a plasticity and textured skin surface that allow for hauntingly realistic facial movements and expressions. The piercing eyes of the older Van Gogh puppet and the crestfallen countenance of the older Munch puppet are so absorbing that you find yourself leaning forward and peering into their faces, trying to work out what it is they are thinking.’

Reviewed by Regina Papachlimitzou

  Knut Bry

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