Stamsund Teaterfestival 4th-8th June


Mariell Amélie Nordland Visual Theatre (Figurteatret) contributes with four performances at the 2013 edition of Stamsund Theatrefestival. Read all about them and access the full program here.


Norwegian version and full programme with time and dates at

The Painter

World premiere!
By Jo Strømgren Kompani (N) and Ulrike Quade Company (NL) in co-production with Staatstheater Oldenburg (D) and Figurteatret i Nordland.

tirs 04.06 kl. 20:30 - Trålerederiet, Stamsund
ons 05.06 kl. 18:00 - Trålerederiet, Stamsund
man 10.06 kl. 20:00 - Lofoten Kulturhus, Svolvær


John Stenersen Virtuous and humorous puppetry directed by one of Norway’s most internationally acclaimed theater makers Jo Strømgren, in collaboration with the Dutch puppetry artist Ulrike Quade.

The year is 2013. It is the 150th anniversary of Munch's birth; also the Van Gogh Museums are celebrating their 40th anniversaries. Both anniversaries have a great commercial importance. This is discovered by the country's leading TV show, who invites the two artistic icons Munch and Van Gogh as their guests. However, the artists refuse to conform to the rules of the game.

Van Gogh: - You can stick your Sunflower-print, made-in-China ballpoint pen right up your ass.
Munch: - Cheers Vincent. I like you.



By Wakka Wakka (USA/N) and Figurteatret I Nordland

Fre 07.06 kl. 12:00 og kl 18:00 - Figurteatret, Stamsund
Lør 08.06 kl. 14:00 og kl 18:00 - Figurteatret, Stamsund


John Stenersen Political and social critically puppet theatre for adults. Performed in a characteristic dark humor and virtuously Muppet style by the award winning puppetry company from New York.
Gunnar Oddmundson’s life is in ruins. He had big dreams for the future before the Icelandic economy collapsed, setting a new world record in national bankruptcy. Now he dreams only of justice. When his family abandons him and the bank takes his house and car, Gunnar’s ancient Norse desire for blood revenge awakens. The battle against “the system” has begun…

«audacious» «wonderfully theatrical» «fantastical» -  The New York Times.




By Katma (N) and Figurteatret i Nordland

Ons 05.06 kl. 12:00 og kl 18:00 - Figurteatret, Stamsund
Tor 06.06 kl. 10:00 og kl 12:00 - Figurteatret, Stamsund


Mariell Amelie Beautiful and aesthetic visual theatre that make you want to taste. With three dancers are in the lead roles.
On a desert island in the ocean is a little baker.
Inside the warmth of the bakery lives three dancing bakers.
Three masters in the art of baking bread and cake.
The only thing they're waiting for right now.
Are the ones who will come to buy and taste.

A performance that shows what can happen when we have been alone a long, long time, inspired by Inger Hagerup's poem: "There lives an old baker."
Katma is led the award winning Katrine M. E. Strøm. Bakeriet is her 4th co-production with Nordland Visual Theatre.

"An explosion of grace, elegance, beauty and astonishment" Rana Blad.


Vision Mechanics (Sco)

Ons 05.06 to fre 07.06 from 15:00 to 22:00 - Tørnholmen, Stamsund
Lør 08.06 from 12:00 to 16:00 - Tørnholmen, Stamsund


Susannah Stevens Take the ferry out to the island right outside Stamsund, Tørnholmen. Arrive at the starting point, put on the headphones and step into the strange and futuristic universe of the "The Maker".
Ghost is a sound installation adapted to the landscape of Tørnholmen. A poetic thriller, told through a blend of narration, music, three-dimensional soundscape and installation art. Ghost's is written by the award-winning playwright Judith Adams and directed by Simon Macintyre.

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