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Nordland Visual Theatre is located in Stamsund, a fishing village with some 1000 residents, in the Lofoten islands. In close proximity to the theatre there are a restaurant, two grocer's stores, a pub, rorbu cabins, art gallerys, other independent theatres and a post office.

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The coastal express boat calls at Stamsund twice daily (northbound and southbound). The municipal centre of Leknes is only a 15-minute drive away. Here one can find a diversity of shops, an off-licence, cinema, restaurants and airport.  There are several daily bus shuttles between Stamsund and Leknes. A car rental is also located in Stamsund.
One of the Visual Theatre's closest neighbours is Stamsund's social centre, Skjærbrygga, which houses a pub, restaurant, club hall/concert venue and rorbu cabin rental. Skjærbrygga's restaurant was selected by the Professional Forum for Food and Beverage as one of Norway's finest in 2001/2002. The pub has a pleasant and tasteful decor, featuring a large open hearth fireplace. Here one can relax with the morning newspaper or enjoy live music in the evenings at one of the many concerts that are regularly held here. Skjærbrygga is fully licensed for food and beverage services. More information may be found here.
We are located in the midst of easily accessible, stunningly beautiful natural surroundings with abundant opportunities for mountain hikes, skiing trips and fishing excursions at sea or in local rivers and lakes. Also located in Stamsund is one of Norway's finest alpine ski areas with a 1700-meter descent and a view from the summit that is breathtaking even for the most blasé mountain climbers. The Arctic Challenge snowboard championships was held here several times.



Good Working Conditions

Nordland Visual Theatre is housed in a building that contains all of the technical and administrative facilities for the theatre's operation. Everything needed for production and the practical daily operation is located under the same roof, making the theatre ideal for working productively and undisturbed during a concentrated project period. Many people find that Stamsund and Lofoten have a quiet peacefulness that is difficult to find in the large urban centres where theatres and theatrical personnel normally work, and this stimulates and promotes an extra zeal to work creatively.Nordland Visual Theatre has its own car that may be used by guests when it is available.




Theatrical personnel who are guests are lodged in apartments rented by the theatre. The apartments is pleasantly furnished three or four bedrooms, a living room/ kitchen and bath. For relaxation during late evenings, there is also a woodstove, a TV and WiFi.

Administrative Wing

Nordland Visual Theatre's offices and conference room are located on the first and second storeys. Also located here is a sauna bath that may be used by guests of the theatre.


Office Facilities

Visual Theatre's peaceful library (with an open fireplace) also serves as a meeting room and office for guests. The theatre has wireless broadband access and is well-equipped with printers and copying machines.


Sewing Room

The sewing room is light and spacious and provides ideal conditions for all textile and costume work. It is equipped with most of the necessary tools and accessories and has a limited selection of textiles. Our sewing assistants will gladly assist with any major or minor sewing projects for productions.



Puppet Workshop

The puppet workshop is located adjacent to the sewing room. It is a spacious, light and magical room in which all manner of creations can come to life.




Nordland Visual Theatre has a fully equipped kitchen that also serves as a lunchroom and is of course available in the evenings as well.



Laundry Room

As an extension to the kitchen, there is a laundry available, and on the second storey there is a clothes-drying room.


The Audience Level

All activities involving audiences are on the ground floor.


Performance Hall

Visual Theatre's Large Hall is a «black box» 9.6 x 9.3 x 5.5 m. (w d h). We have most required sound and lighting equipment, and during performances we normally install amphitheatre seating for the audience.  We have several seating arrangements. The largest of these accommodates about 90 spectators.
Adjoining the Large Hall we have a storeroom/workshop for sound and lighting equipment, with tools and facilities for repairing and adjusting electrically wired accessories.

Rehearsal Hall

Our Small Theatre Hall is most often used for rehearsals and training. The hall is a «black box» measuring 9.2 x 5.7 x 2.8 m. One of the short walls is mirrored. The hall has several large windows that can be blinded. In addition to being an excellent rehearsal room, the Small Theatre Hall has been used on several occasions for premiere parties.



Between the performance halls is the public foyer. The foyer is naturally equipped with a chandelier, piano and bar, and it is used as a theatre café preceding performances.



Technical Wing

Most of Nordland Visual Theatre's technical rooms are located in the bottom storey.



Actors' Wardrobes

The actors' dressing rooms are located in the bottom storey.




Here one can find almost everything - and everyone... In all, there are three storage rooms on the cellar level. In the stage properties storeroom are props, earlier used figures, masks, costumes, etc.  (also called the mouldy room). In the props room are sections of sets, masking walls, etc. Farthest inside is the storage room for various audience platforms, rigging elements (also called the champagne room).



Painting Workshop

Perhaps not a fully equipped painting workshop - but the room does contain most of the items that one needs.

Carpentry Workshop

Well-equipped with hand tools, electrical and pneumatic power tools, and a small stock of materials.
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